Welcome to Numerycles! A teaching program, a knowledge base and a GAME 
played on a simple modification of the Fibonacci series and with serial numbers on bills. 

What is Numerycles?

Numerycles is a knowledge base: a collection of facts, ideas and interpretations of a seemingly simple concept. A Numerycle is a sequence of single digits obtained by replacing the members of the Fibonacci series by their digit sum.
So while Fibonacci goes: 1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21 34....
Numerycles goes:            1 1 2 3 5 8  4   3   7.....  and after 24 digits you come back to 11.

From this simple modification of the Fibonacci series, a program emerges, that has been taught in seven countries.

 A word of warning though before you venture into the ancient depths of the archive: some who did likewise were never seen again.

The Numerycles Game

When you play the Numerycles game you are trying to change the serial number of a bill into a Numerycle, with the least possible points against you. Points are counted against you for manipulating the serial number through transfers and additions (no subtractions) to get the digit you need in each place. The more you work, the less efficient the solution to your serial is, and the more points against you are counted.

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The following image shows the solution of serial number 8 6 7 4 5 2 3 1 being "numeryclized" into 1 6 7 4 2 6 8 5. 

Points against solution for transfers: 5 ; points against solution for sums: 3 ; total points against solution: 8 (5 + 3)

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