What is Numerycles?

Numerycles is a multi-discipline, innovative program that functions as a technology integrator and a creativity and entrepreneurship catalyst. The program is suitable for all ages from 10 up.

Numerycles is based on a modification of the Fibonacci series, implemented by using the digit-sum of the series members instead of the members themselves. This simple alteration of Leonardo of Pisa’s creation generates the sequences that become the distinctive feature of the program.

Fibonacci:       1  1  2  3  5  8  13  21  34  55. . . .

Numerycles:    1  1  2  3  5  8    4    3    7     1. . .  .

The Numerycles Game

The ingenious game played with the serial numbers on banknotes of any currency provides the initial access ramp to the content flow. At the other end of the cycle, Numerycles offers its graduates the opportunity to teach it onwards, as entrepreneurial instructors. 

See the current version of the Numerycles Game Instructions here.

Files available for download at the bottom of the page.


A blend of technologies is used in the program, both as tools to analyze data and as channels to communicate results among workshop participants and to the outside world.  

Switzerland and Argentina workshops




Some Numerycles links

Video conference University of Pennsylvania 
(click  here)

http://bit.ly/vc0206The Numerycles game is taught to a fourth grade class in Ohio, from Philadelphia. Video duration is  1 hr 28 min. Game is taught about 45 min. into video.

Videos filmed in Futaleufú, Chile, 
during workshops in 2010: (click here)

Videos were filmed in 2010 in Futaleufú, Chile, with the sponsorship of the Municipality

In the early days, Numerycles was called 

The Necklaces of Newport


Dominican Republic Workshops




Request a Numerycles pilot (free)
for your group, and prepare your town for a WORKSHOP on site.

Solicita un piloto gratuito para tu grupo, y prepárate a recibirnos en un TALLER presencial en tu ciudad.

 Demandez un pilote Numerycles (gratuit) pour votre groupe,et préparez votre ville pour un atelier sur place.

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