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What is Numerycles? 

Numerycles is an integrative cycle. 
It blends unconventional math, technology and creative entrepreneurship. A unique game, played with the serial numbers on bills introduces participants to the Discovery phase, the first of Numerycles' four phases: Discovery, Technology, Creativity and Leadership

Ultimately the purpose of Numerycles is to foster independent, creative thinking and entrepreneurship. We use numbers as a way of inducing abstraction and analysis, but Numerycles is not a conventional math program. Numerycles is technology intensive when taught on line, and offers successful program takers the opportunity to become instructors of future groups of participants. The cycle is an attempt to break away from today's math curricula, which are often unappealing to large numbers of students. Technology is used both to generate data as prescribed by the contents of the Discovery phase as well as to communicate and display results to remote audiences. A complete list ot technology tools is provided in the Numerycles syllabus.

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The cycle starts by introducing participants to a unique game played with the serial numbers on bills... 
The Numerycles Game

The uniqueness of the game resides in its duality of part luck (having an a bill with a serial number that "numeryclizes" with a low number of points against),  and part ability. 

The bill must be in the player's possession for the player to be able to claim the number

The number on the bill is changed into a Numerycle by shifting digits around (translations) or by adding to the digits. 
The game introduces the "digit sum" of two-digit numbers (TDN). Based on the fact that, for example 5+8=13 but 1+3=4, the Discovery phase develops "Necklaces" of numbers. Starting with a given TDN, the digit sum is used to obtain the following digit until the initial TDN is repeated, closing the Necklace.

This is an example of a game solution with a 20 peso bill from Dominican Republic. The original bill number, 7286633 is transformed in the Numerycle (Ycle for short) 2797753, incurring a total of 7 points. Points are always counted against the player. The solution with the least number of points against it is the winner. Out of these 7 points in the example to the right, 2 are due to translations and 5 are due to additions. This is shown respectively by t and s to the right, which are added together to render P, the total number of points scored against.
The diagram on the left shows a solution for the number 88434313. Two digits have been shifted: the 8 and the 4 exchange positions scoring t=2 points against for translations, and s=6 points against for additions, for a total P=8 points against for the solution.
The last line of the solution shows the format to tweet 
a solution in Twitter.
Format to tweet a solution:
original number, transposed number, numerycle, t, s, P. 
For this case:
88434313, 48438313, 49448325, t2, s5, P7

and once the game is established, participants flow into de first of... 

The four phases of Numerycles

Entrepreneurial Leadership


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May 22, 2014, 8:39 AM