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Clasificación por función y sincronicidad: 

texto audio o imagen, sincrónico y asincrónico.

Convey / exchange whatSynchronous (real time, chat is synchronous)Asynchronous (like email: first one, then the other)
Textgmail chat, skype chat, Facebook chatGmail, Blogger, Google Groups, Google Docs and Spreadsheets, Twitter
Image (still)File transfer while chatting, whiteboardFlickr, Google albums
Videovideoconferencing: Marratech or WIMIT or WIZIQYoutube.
Multimedia Facebook, friendfeed. webdocs

Herramientas utilizadas durante el programa


Candidate will attain ability to

Text, synchronous
ChatStart, develop and close a focused chat on a clearly defined content topic.
Develop and maintain a list of contacts in  the chat tools.
Store, retrieve, edit and convey previous chats.
Text, asynchronous
emailSend and receive messages
Send and receive attachments to messages
BlogCreate a blog. Select appearances and other settings.
Post text.
Post images.
Post sound (eg from Odeo or Evoca)
Moderate comments
(Google) GroupsCreate a Group
Adjust group settings
Populate the group
Populate group Files and Web Pages
Maintain interest, focus and growth of group
(Google) Documents and SpreadsheetsCreate doc or spreadsheet
Collaborate doc
Discuss Spreadsheet
Publish to Blog
Publish to www
TwitterCreate a Twitter account
Follow another twitter
Receive twits on cellular phone and respond from it.
Audio, synchronous
SkypeDownload latest version of Skype
Open account, log in
Search for a contact according to various parameters
Add a contact to list
Start a phone call to another Skype subscriber
Start a call to an outside number (Skype out).
Start a conference call
Audio, asynchronous
EvocaCreate an evoca account
Produce, upload and store a sound file in evoca.com
AudacityCreate an MP3 or other format audio file
Image (picture), synchronous
File Transfer During ChatTransfer of JPEGs during a chat on MSN, Yahoo, or any other chat program
Image (picture) asynchronous
Image SharingFlickr or Google albums. Set up accounts
Upload Pictures
Classify into sets
Insertion of tabs and comments
Making the picture public or private
Image (Video), synchronous Skype
Image (Video), asynchronous YouTube
Video StorageYouTube
Social networkingFacebook
Business networkingLinkedIn